Artist. Illustrator. Generally Nice Person.

The ghost of sandwiches past, the carnist iconoclast.

Beth lives in Birmingham with her Hamily and several plants. Her praxis critically explores the sociopolitical connotations of meat consumption in the age of choice from a feminist vegetarian perspective. She's just a girl, sitting in front of a laptop, talking about ham and she thinks eating meat is stupid. She does, however, recognise her culinary hypocrisy as she still consumes dairy, albeit infrequently. We can all do better.

Beth is particularly interested in participatory art and she believes involvement increases engagement. She is of the opinion that things should be approachable and accessible, easy to swallow but hard to digest, promoting discussion rather than instruction. She likes writing, installations and sewing Hams.


Beth likes the idea of a PhD in a few years, she's on a bit of a roll.

She would love a solo show. You should give her one.